Why foodies, bloggers and scholars are turning to Scarborough

UTSC looks at why we grow, process, cook, consume, sell and share the food we do – and the impact that has on everything from culture and art to political economy and climate change

Scarborough, Ontario. That’s where to go if you’re interested in food, experts say.

“Scarborough is one of the most interesting, multicultural communities in the world – not just in Canada, and not just in North America,” Rick Halpern, dean of the University of Toronto Scarborough, said recently on CBC Radio’s Metro Morning.

India wants to build 100 smart cities – and U of T is thrilled

Terry Lavender

The prime minister of India, Narendra Modi, wants to build 100 smart cities in his country, an idea that has University of Toronto faculty members – including president Meric Gertler – excited. 

Scarborough needs light rapid transit, experts say

LRTs will help “redevelopment and intensification,” says André Sorensen
Don Campbell

LRT along major east-west arterial roads make the most sense for Scarborough’s urban makeup, according to a new report on rapid transit options from the University of Toronto.  

Going green? Eco-alternatives could do more harm than good – it depends where you live

Knowing where your electricity comes from is key, researchers say
RJ Taylor

Whether it’s swapping your car for an electric vehicle or your natural gas furnace for geothermal heating, transitioning from fossil fuels to electric-powered technology is widely believed to be the best way to lower carbon emissions.

But U of T civil engineer Chris Kennedy says knowing where the electricity comes from to power those “eco-alternatives” is critical. If that electricity comes from burning oil and coal, it might mean that green alternatives aren’t that green after all.

Sick of real estate bidding wars? Sadly, no end in sight, study finds

Ken McGuffin

Frenzy, frustration and disappointment are what home buyers have come to dread about real estate bidding wars.
They'd better get used to it, suggests a new study. It shows that despite some drop-off over the last decade, homes sold through bidding wars have still substantially increased their share of sales over the last two decades.

Transforming the city: experts from across North America gather for symposium on urban development

University of Toronto hosts After Empirical Urbanism
Noreen Ahmed-Ullah

The University of Toronto’s John H. Daniels Faculty of Architecture, Landscape and Design is hoping to reshape the conversation around urban development this weekend.

Its three-day symposium, titled After Empirical Urbanism, is bringing together academics from across North America – including Harvard University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, University of Illinois at Chicago, Columbia University and U of T. 

Hazel McCallion named special advisor at UTM

Blake Eligh

She may have left political life behind but Hazel McCallion isn’t quite ready to rest on her laurels.

The former Mississauga mayor has been named special advisor to Professor Deep Saini, vice-president, U of T, and principal of U of T Mississauga.

McCallion, who started her year-long appointment Feb. 9, will be advising Saini on matters relating to the strategic development of the university.

How can we build a sustainable Toronto? U of T public forum takes on the 'Natural City' with David Miller

Olivia Chow, Roger Keil and other cities experts to meet on March 2
Brianna Goldberg

It’s a chance to chat with a former mayor, a world-renowned cities scholar, environmental leaders, a former city councillor, urban planners, academics – and members of the public – about what it means to live in a ‘natural city'.

Toronto and the Natural City: Facing Our Ecological Future is a free, public forum sponsored by U of T’s Centre for Ethics in conjunction with the School of the Environment.

Innovative teaching wins Northrop Frye Award

Toronto is a learning lab for students in Pamela Klassen’s Study of Religion courses
Elaine Smith

Pamela Klassen’s passion for teaching and research has brought her the 2015 Northrop Frye Award. The award recognizes distinguished achievements in linking teaching and research. Klassen, from the department for the study of religion, was nominated by some of her graduate students.

TEDx at UTSC: tackling big questions

Chris Garbutt

What is the value of a university education? How can poetry save a life? How do I keep the promise I made to my new friend?

It was a day of tackling big questions, and even small ones with large consequences, at the third TEDxUTSC conference. 

U of T Scarborough student Mandekh Hussein set the tone for the day with her presentation, Why ask Why? “It’s not the answers that are important,” she said. “It’s the questions. Ask questions that ignite a fire.”

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